Q #4: Is there a certification for the auditor offered through the AAPC?

A: Yes, there is. That is a specialty course. It is the same one that Tammy has, and I think Tammy has left us, and I’m going to try and tell you off the top of my head, but I think its CMPA Certified Medical Professional Auditor – I think that’s what the acronym stands for. To find that, you just go to the AAPC and you can look at the credentials under Specialty and it will be right there for you, and that’s the one we’re prepping you for, for the AAPC’s Auditors Certification Exam.

Q #5: Should we take the test through AHIMA or the AAPC?

CPC or CCS – AAPC’s Auditors Certification Exam – Video

A: Well, it’s two different tests; it’s two different organizations. AHIMA is better known for inpatient work. The AAPC is outpatient physician-based and specialties. I like working with the AAPC. AHIMA has the CCS on hold right now. It’s really just a choice. They’re both excellent, excellent companies or organizations. So, we have a slide on our YouTube channel about the differences between AHIMA and the AAPC, and you could type that in the search when you go to our Medical CodingCert site on YouTube.

Q #6: How do you know which to take, the CPC or the CCS?

A: Well, the CCS goes with AHIMA and the CPC goes with the AAPC. Again, it’s strictly a choice, they’re both excellent. The CCS is on hold right now, you can’t take that and they have not determined a date when they’re going to open that up. One of the testing centers had a problem and the test was compromised. It’s been down for a while – gosh, I don’t think it’s been six months yet, but almost. So, right now if you want to get certified right away, you want to take the CPC, because you can’t take the CCS.

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