Alicia: Someone asked, after you use your CPC, what’s our

[vocation] would you get next? And I would say, if you want to be diverse, I would get the CPC-H because the only people making any money right now are surgery centers and places that don’t take…[in charge of] pay for what they’re doing, and that CPC-H would be very beneficial in that area. And so, then you would maybe want to turn around and specialize.

CPC Certification | Next Certification after CPC – Video

But I would say definitely CPC-H would be number 2, and then you have time to think about it. There’re just levels of specialty in everything, whatever trips your trigger, go for it. But the highest three, the highest pay skill are oncology, cardiology and OB-GYN as far as pay skill.

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CPC Certification | Next Certification after CPC - Video



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