CPC Certification — What’s On The CPC Exam?

CPC Certification — What is on the CPC exam?

A visitor asked: “Hi I just needed to know what all does the test consist of. I know it will have some CPT and ICD-9 also a little terminology but what is the biggest part of the test?”

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So, here’s a link that Alicia had pulled up from the AAPC website and so this basically, you go to certification and then you go to CPC, this is the page you will come to and it talks about basically what is a CPC and what is expected.

Down here you have CPC exam, 150 multiple choice questions, 5 hours and 40 minutes. This gives you all of the topics that are covered in the 5 hour and 40 minute exam. So definitely go there and some other good tabs to look at – approved manuals, this question comes in a lot, not all coding manuals are approved for your cpc certification so be careful, check it against this web. Due to the advantages of additional information and/or ease of use, the following books cannot be used…so that’s the expert so be careful of that. So check that out.

Also, I did a blog post called CPT exam layout and CPT exam tips that I wanted to show you so if you go to coding certification.org on the sidebar there’s a search box that you can use to find, say Laureen and Alicia put in a post on this, that’s a good place to start and here is the little search box here. I just typed in layout because I knew that was what I had put in here and you will find the article. So basically, I’ve been doing this since 1999. I know basically what the main 15 categories are. I had also put this up on the AAPC discussion board and so go to this and you can see exactly what they are. Medical terminology, anatomy, practice management and coding guideline questions, and by the way, there are roughly ten of each of these, ten ICD-9 CM questions, HCPCS, ten E&M, anesthesia, radiology, PAP and lab, medicine , ten from the 10,000 series so any code that starts with a 1 to a 6 is a surgery question.

So 10 from the integument surgery section, ten from musculoskeletal, ten from respiratory and cardio, ten from the 40,000 series, ten from the 50, ten from the 60. That’s roughly how it breaks down. So this is not available on the AAPC website so this should help you greatly and of course there are the three main CPC tips, take the course, like our 80 hour medical coding course, hint, hint, do a coding certification review class or videos like our review Blitz video and then 3. Practice, practice, practice. Make sure you take as many exams as you can possibly afford. Budget and time because you want to make sure are hitting 85% on a timed practice exam. I think this link actually takes you to another blog post. “Practice CPC exam questions I recommend”.

CPC Certification — What's On The CPC Exam?

So come here and check it out. The AAPC exam, downloadable 150 question practice exam.

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  1. Ok, I’m looking for a school to learn coding to take the exam and the more research i do on them it’s all fraud. Im in California and cant believe its not more clear how to get the right classroom or online traing to learn and prepare for the exam? Any suggestions??


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