CPC Exam – Facility Medical Coding – Video

Q #2: I took the CPC exam four times. Finally passed . I think you need to emphasize the ICD-9 guidelines, like you do the CPT manual.

It would be very helpful for other students.

A: We can do that. Alicia particularly loves ICD, so she will try to do more of that.

Laureen: So, that’s basically less of a question, more of a statement, friendly advice that the ICD-9 Guidelines are just as important as CPT. There’s a 150-questions on the CPC exam, ten of them are specifically on ICD-9, but ICD-9 codes can show up in the answers on some of the surgery question, etc.

Alicia: The CPC Exam is dominantly CPT.

Laureen: Yeah, but know your ICD guidelines, definitely.

CPC Exam – Facility Medical Coding – Video

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Q#3: Would the CPC Blitz Review be helpful in taking AHIMA exam? My coding school will pay for AHIMA not AAPC, but I want to be certified by AAPC also, so I would like to purchase the Blitz.

A: Laureen: The Blitz goes over the CPT guidelines, ICD guidelines, and that’s what you’re tested on the CCS-P. Now, for the CCS, which is inpatient coding exam by AHIMA, the CPC is definitely on there and from what I understand a lot more now than it was, say six years ago. It’s like, incredible how much CPT is on there. So, it’ll definitely help you.

What you need to understand is more of the PCS guidelines, which are not covered on the Blitz. We are going to be having a PCS course. So, if you’re interested in that, email the helpdesk@ to get on our interest list for that. We’re also going to be doing HCC stuff, so a lot of things coming down the pike. We want to be very methodical about doing these, so we do a thorough job and have – we’re going to do live classes, record it, and then those that want to go at their own pace can benefit from the recording. So, you’ll see that information come to you.

But yes, the Blitz does help, but it doesn’t give you everything that you need for the CCS. It gives you everything for the CCS-P.

Q #4: Do you ever have webinars that cover facility based coding?

A: If you ask us facility-based coding questions we will answer them. So, we are basically answering questions that are coming from you – the audience – through our discussion board. So, if you go to /forum and ask a facility-related question we’re more than happy to answer it. And we’re going to try and get Tammy, she’s our facility instructor, to jump in and help us. She’s a real nice lady, we got to see her in Tennessee, a lot of fun, and her students love her.

Alicia: She’s a smart coder.

Laureen: We’re fortunate to have her.

CPC Exam – Facility Medical Coding – Video

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