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Q #35: Path and lab was not my best friend on the CPC exam. Can you guys focus a bit on that part. Thanks in advance.

A: Laureen: Yeah, we can. We need specific questions if you want to ask about that, but I would recommend that you consider our CEU class on Path and Lab, which is basically taken right from our coding course. So, we go into all of the pathology stuff. So, I think that would really help you go into all the pieces that you need. Also, if you’re in our Replay Club, the Replay Club members get access to this entire recording, broken up into clips so you can easily find the subject that you want. It’s got a full transcript, nicely done again, thanks to Ruth and the transcriptionist, of course. So, you could go and find just pathology topics if you wanted to, because invariably over the past two years we’ve covered whatever you probably struggled with or get the CEU class. So, those are some alternatives.

CPC Exam – Medical Coding Course Online – Video

YouTube video

Alicia: You might want to check YouTube because it might be in there, and when you open up our YouTube page, you just go to the bottom and you can see the little search and you could put “pathology” or put “lab” in there and it would probably bring it up for you. Laureen will show you.

Laureen: So, this is our channel here: (https://www.youtube.com/user/MedicalCodingCert)

Alicia taught me this because she does it so much. You click the little magnifying glass so we can type in “pathology” and see what we get. So, hey, what do you know? Here are some videos, one, two, three, four, five, that somehow mentioned pathology, and it might not be exactly what you’re looking for, but you never know.

Q #36: I just started out with CPC, I’m an RN, would like to do inpatient. What credentials should I be looking at?

A: Laureen: If you really want to do inpatient, CCS is what you want to go for, but they will tell you themselves, they really recommend you have two years of inpatient coding experience before you even sit for the exam. AHIMA, unlike AAPC, you’ll only get one try per year at $399 application fee. So, just keep that in mind.

Alicia: You might consider the CPC-H…

Laureen: Outpatient. Yeah.

Alicia: Yeah. Outpatient. That would give you the certification that would allow you to get in there and start building up that experience

Laureen: Alright guys.. well its 10 oclock so I am going to call it here

Alicia: Laureen’s eyes get heavy because feeling 9 oclock here…..

Laureen: Our groups get bigger and bigger. Thanks for being patient wih us. We try and select topics bu the more you gave us on our discussion board, we’re trying to allow time for this type of questions at the end. We hope you finding it helpful to keep you coming.

Alicia: And this particular webinar was worth a CEU specialty so that would be all that information is in the email that you were sent when you register.

Laureen: Yeah, I know one was the E/M one

Alicia: and the ER coding I think, we’ll try to offer that as much as we can.

Laureen: Yeah.. Alright have a goodnight everyone! Until next time

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