CPC Exam Time Management 2015 – Video

Q: CPC Exam Time Management – “I’m struggling with Time Management too… thanks great question. Good luck. I’m sitting too first try in July 25.”

A: Maybe I missed the context for this, time management for the board exam.

Alicia: Yeah I saw that one come through.

Laureen: So, this is what we teach for time management. On the AAPC exam grid, that bubble scantron form that you’re going to do, there are five columns of 30 questions. It might be a little bit different if you’re taking, like, say the PPM exam; but for the most part, there are five columns of 30 questions, so 150 questions total. It’s a 5 hour and 40- minute exam.

CPC Exam Time Management 2015 – Video

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What we teach is try and treat it as five individual one hour exams, so you have one hour for every 30 questions.

That somehow makes you mentally able to manage it better, then you can tell when you’re at 30 minutes into the test, you should be halfway done with column 1. If you’re not, and you’re not even near it, you know you got to pick up a speed quick. So, that’s just a quick tip.

We do have time management techniques in the first segment of the CPC Blitz where we go over that into a little bit more detail; that would be a good 20-minute conversation. But, hopefully that will be enough to get you thinking about 1 hour per column.

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