CPC Practice Exam Questions I Recommend

Coding Certification CPC® Practice Exams Questions (Recommended in this order)

CPC Practice Exam Questions I Recommend

  1. CCO CPC Practice Exams

These exams are created by the instructors at CCO and are an excellent source of CPC® practice exam questions.  Full answers and rationales are provided on this version as well.  It is the most realistic exam experience because you can print the questions on paper and you even get a scantron form to simulate the real exam. Later, you enter your answers online for instant scoring and feedback.

CPC® Practice Exam Questions Tips

TIPS: Always take your practice exams like the real thing.  Give yourself 2 minutes per question (yes you get a little more on the real exam but this will really prepare you).  For example if you are taking one of the AAPC 50 question practice exams.  Do it in one sitting of 110 minutes (1 hour 50 minutes).  Use a kitchen timer. Take a break then come back and review your answers.  If you purchased the Medical Coding Certification Review Blitz Package now is a good time to schedule your one on one session that’s included in your package.  Go over wrong answers you don’t understand.  Go over the rationale for the correct answers too – sometimes we get the answer right by mistake.  Think about HOW you took the exam.  Should you have moved on from one you were struggling with, were you over thinking things, were you looking at the answers first?  Decide how you want to do it different next time.  Then make an appointment with yourself to take the next practice exam employing what you learned.

I advise that once you start getting over an 85% on your practice exams you are ready for the real thing.  Remember the real exam is going to be harder than the practice exams.  You need a 70% to pass the real thing.  Make your first attempt count!

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