CPC Practice Exams and Formula for Success

CPC Practice Exams and Formula for SuccessI wanted to write this post since we get asked this question frequently. Here is my

CPC Practice Exams and Formula for Success

  1. Take a full coding course (80 Hour College Equivalent) where you get plenty of opportunity to practice coding. To see details on CCO’s Physician-Based Medical Coding course go here ==> Physician Based Medical Coding Course
  2. Watch all CCO CPC Review Blitz videos and mark up coding manuals according to Bubbling and Highlighting™ technique. To see details on CCO’s Medical Coding Certification Review Blitz go here ==> CCO’s Coding Certification Review Blitz
  3. Practice Blitz exam taking techniques by completing TIMED practice exams.
    1. Start with shorter 50-60 question exams and finish with a 150 question exam.
    2. Allow your self an hour per 25-30 questions.
    3. Complete entire exam in one shot, perhaps going to the library where you won’t be disturbed and to make it feel like the real thing.
    4. Use a digital kitchen timer to count time down 60 minutes at a time per the Blitz technique.
    5. Use a sample test grid to get used to using it for the real exam.
    6. Score your answers and review ALL rationales thouroughly.
    7. Repeat the process until you score an 85% on shorter exams.
    8. Then if time and budget allow complete a 150 question practice exam.
  4. Go over questions you don’t understand with an instructor or seasoned coder.  CCO offeres a weekly support call as part of their course and Blitz packages where you can get help on any topics you need related to the course or Blitz.

Where to get CPC Practice Exams:

  1. Free 50 questions CCO CPC  Practice Exam
  2. Practice exam bundled into CPC Review Blitz Package
  3. Mini-Mocks by CCO (60 questions each) $29.95 each or three for $69.95
  4. Practice Exams by AAPC (50 questions each) $29.95 each or three for $69.95

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