CPC Practice Exams: The Key to Passing your CPC Exam – Video

Laureen: Q-15: I am still in medical coding class and am planning on taking your 2 day Blitz to give me a step up on passing the national CPC exam. I should be signing up in about 30 days. I have trepidation about the nationals because I have heard so many people have flunked. Yikes!

CPC Practice Exams: The Key to Passing your CPC Exam – Video

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A: If you follow that formula that we’ve just went over, you’re still in medical coding class, you’re on step one, great! Step two – the CPC review videos, you’ve got that in the works. But it’s not over there; you don’t just watch the videos and magically pass, you need to do the CPC practice exams. And I have not had anybody who has followed that formula and they’re getting an 85% in practice exams, go take the real exam and not pass. So, it is a tried and true formula, you need to do the practice though and it has to be timed. We are here for you, if you do a CPC practice exam and you don’t do well and you need to go over the results, just reach out to us. Use that support tab, what we just showed you, or email helpdesk@ . We’ll work with you, we invite you to our weekly student support calls that we have, so there’s a lot of support there. You can definitely do it.

Alicia: And the forums, get feedback from other students.

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