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Q #15: The aftercare codes for fractures are going away. Will we always need to know the type of fracture that resident had prior to admitting to a SNF?

A: Yes. I think you will. I suspect you will. I would say, yes.

Q #16: I want to go for CPC-H, any non-expensive suggestions?

A: Well, you can pick-up just the “H” portion if you want with us. You don’t have to take the whole CPC, and if you’ve never… unless you’re not a CPC. If you’re not a CPC already and haven’t taken that certification, you can still go straight and take the CPC-H and not have the CPC, but you need to take a full course. Without knowing what your experience is and everything, I wouldn’t be able to probably advise you. If you have experience as a coder, what you need to do is you need to have a mock exam. Go take the exam, we’ve got free exams. If you can get through a CPC exam, one of our mock exams, then you can pick up probably some information on the “H” and do it on your own. If you can’t, then you’re going to need to take the course; and of course we’ve got, in my opinion, the best rates for what we give you because we give you tons of extras.

CPC Practice Exams – CCA Exam Preparation – Video

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Boyd: There’s also a question in the chat that kind of relates to that and that’s about, she’s asking how long does it take – how long should she prepare for to take the CPC exam? And a lot of times that I’ve heard in you guys talk about, take a lot of mock exams and when you’ve consistently passed those, that’s –

Alicia: With an 80 or 85.

Boyd: Yeah.

Alicia: You know, 70 is passing, but if you can get like an 85% then you’re probably good togo.

Boyd: Consistent, right?

Alicia: Right. We offer a lot of free exams. and then we have the three exams that the AAPC offers. You can get them through us as well. [Ed. Note: AAPC practice exams are available from AAPC. CodingCertification.org sells other CPC Practice exams. Go to the www. and click on the “CPC Exam Prep” tab on the top menu bar for a list. Also CCO’s free online CPC Exam is available here: https://www.cco.us/free-cpc-online-practice-exam .]

Anytime you can get your hands on some mock questions. We have full exams, so they’re 150 or we have them divided like 50, so you don’t have to sit there all day trying to take a 6-hour exam. That’s what you need to do.

That’s what I tell people who call in, and if I happen to talk to them and they say, “Well, I know a little bit about coding” or “I’ve got some coding experience but I need to get certified and I just don’t know if I really need to take a full course.” What I would do is say, “Go take a mock exam. If you do well, get 80 or 85 you’re golden. If you’re concerned, go get the Blitz, get your manuals ready.” Whether you are an experienced coder or a new coder, I’d still get the Blitz because that is geared to help you pass the exam, get those manuals ready to save you time, and plus it comes with a mock exam. But, if you can’t pass one of those exams or even come close you need to take a course – you really do.

Q#17: How long would you estimate the exam preparation would be for the CCA exam?

A: The CCA exam, I think, is a lot easier. I wouldn’t take the CCA exam, just get the CCS. I wouldn’t take the CCA exam if I were you.

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