CPC vs. CEDC — Video

Laureen: Q-18: I am torn between staying a CPC or shooting for a CEDC. Do you feel that experience speaks volumes versus the extra credentials?

A: If you’ve got your CPC don’t give it up.

Alicia: Absolutely not!

CPC vs. CEDC – Video

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Laureen: You can always have more than one. Once you get it, keep it. I do feel having more than one credential is impressive. I think having 20 is a little bit crazy, and yes, Alicia and I are crazy and probably will eventually, want to have 20. But, for a typical job, if you have a CPC credential, now that shows that you are an AAPC member. And then if you go and get a credential from AHIMA, maybe the CCS, I think those are two great core credentials. That means you can do it all. You can do inpatient, outpatient, physician based. But, if you’re interested in being an E/M auditor or you really like cardiology, then go for a specialty credential. It’s really about what kind of job that you want to get and what do you want to do. For Alicia and I, because we are instructors, a little bit of everything is great.

Alicia: I was going to say too, I always like to tell people specifically the three top things specialties, the AAPC offers specialty credentials and it’s cardiology, oncology and OB-GYN. So those are three if you’re looking at money. But, the great thing, pick what you like; if you don’t like cardiology, but there’s specialty for radiology, urology – all these things. If you have a specialty you do get paid more. But, again, CPC it’s the basis for everything in all your specialties. The downside of having dual credentials or multiple credentials is that it does cost you more every month, so if you’re thinking about doing it I might consider doing it after you have a job and they sometimes pay for your dues every year. One certification is a $170 a year, you add another one and that’s a little bit more money and a little bit for each one. So, think about the money aspect and make it cost effective for yourself and see if your employer won’t pay for that little bit extra for those dues, a lot of times they will.

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