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Q#25: The Guidelines: How do I quickly figure out the answers in the CPC test when there are multiple codes?

A: We’ve answered this before.

Alicia: Yup. There’s YouTube videos on that.

Laureen: Yup. If you go to our site and you search on “multiple code answers” would be the phrase I would use. If you have trouble finding it, send an email to helpdesk@ and we can help and try and find that URL for you.

YouTube video

Alicia: Q#26: Can I use ICD-10-CM Hospital with your ICD-10 course?

A: Yes. The hospital version just has the volume 3 in it, and so just 1 and 2; so yes you can use it.

Laureen: Q#27: We have two years to do the ICD-10 proficiency test, right?

A: Yes. You basically have until October of 2015. They gave you a year prior to the implementation date and a year after. You have until October 2015.

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