Difference Between 24575 and 24579 Coding | Comparing and Contrasting – Video

Alright, I think I’ll answer this one real quickly. So, this one was a quickie.

Q: What is the difference between 24575 and 24579 Coding? I’m using the 2013 Edition…

A: I’m going to answer from 2014… This is a real simple one, but this is a good illustration of comparing and contrasting, which is a learned skill as a new coder. So, what I do is I went out to SuperCoder.com – and if you’re interested in looking at what that cost on online encoder, we do recommend using your paper manuals until you get certified and then go ahead and use coding tool. But if you’re interested in it, it’s /supercoder, and that will take you to the Info page.

Difference between 24575 and 24579 Coding | Comparing and Contrasting – Video

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So, I listed the two codes on top of each other. That’s one of the things I really like about SuperCoder. And I read it and at first, I’m like, “Whoa! It does look exactly the same, what am I missing?” And then, it’s epicondylar versus condylar – real teeny tiny thing. And that’s what you do in the board exam to compare and contrast, compare and contrast, and what I teach you to do is to circle the buzzwords or the keyword that will help you determine what to abstract for in the report.

So, basically a “condyle” is a smooth, round articular surface, an “epi” means “upon or on top of” and that’s a projection on top of the condyle. So, location, location, location strikes again. It’s very important in procedural coding to know your exact location. But, that’s how you figure out questions like that and if you don’t know.

Alicia: One word.

Laureen: And not even, it’s just a prefix on a word, you know.

Alicia: Yeah! Prefix of a word.

Laureen: And it’s Google. I just googled what’s the difference between epicondylar and condylar, if you don’t know, and it’s there. You know, I often joke about my niece, who’s now graduated from high school, but when she’s about sixteen, fifteen, she was visiting. I had

gotten her a smart phone and she’s asking all these questions, I said. “Tell you what, Google it and then ask me if you don’t find the answer.” She said “That’s how you’re going to raise your kids, isn’t it? You’re just going to tell them to Google it.” I said, “Yup! And I do.”

Alicia: And so do I.

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