Webinars for Mental Health Medical Coding and Pain Management – Video

Q #12: Are CEU’s available for ICD-10 mini?

A: No. I don’t think they’re setup yet. I think that just got finished and we have to submit stuff and then has to come back after the approval and a bunch of other stuff, it shouldn’t be ready – check back.

Do you have Webinars for Mental Health Medical Coding and Pain Management – Video

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Q #13: Do you have webinars for behavioral/mental health medical coding?

A: No. If that’s what you want, we will be more than happy to work in that. I have talked to a lot of ladies that did mental health coding and they absolutely loved it. They’re excited about the changes and the more codes that is available to them and be more than happy to do an interview, if that’s some CEUs that you need. If you have something, a specialty that you need CEUs in, let us know and we’ll do what we can to do the research and provide them for you. Again, it’s whatever you want, we’ll try to provide. Of course, we’re not experts in everything but we sure know a lot of people who are. So, we’re more than happy to do that.

Q #14: Do you have any Webinars for Pain Management?

A: No. If you want one, we can do it. I happen to know some great anesthesiologist, and now that I’m in St. Louis I have the option to do a lot more of that, interview. I’ve got Washington University within walking distance – amazing.

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