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Medicare G0008 vs. regular CPT Code. A person studying to pass the medical coding certification exam writes:

“Hey Laureen, I have taken the exam several times and there is always several questions that start with or end with ‘This is a Medicare patient.’ My question is for example: Patient seen for a colonoscopy, no history of colon cancer, he is 74 years old and a Medicare patient. So… then on the answer choices, two of them have Medicare code G0008 & regular CPT, and the other two answers have just the regular CPTs for screening. If the scenario says Medicare, do you automatically go to the answers with Medicare codes in them? Thanks!! – Leslie”

G0008 CPT Medicare Coding- VIDEO

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The answer is, HCPCS codes that seemed to be similar to codes in CPT are usually there because Medicare does not agree with the way the code description reads in CPT; so they come up with their own and this is a case in point G0008 which is for flu, I think, administration or something like that. So, the answer is yes. I mean, you’re calling this a Medicare code, if you mean the HCPCS code, then yes. If they say it’s a Medicare patient and your choices are between a HCPCS code vs. a CPT code, then you 9 times out of 10 are going to probably be picking the HCPCS code. But read the definitions and you’ll see if they’re very similar, then yes, go with the ones from the HCPCS Level II manual.

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