Laureen: Q-32: Will it be possible to obtain the medical coding job while studying for CPC certification?

A: Unlikely, but you can certainly try.

How to Get a Medical Coding Job while Studying for CPC Certification – Video

Alicia: The chance to get your foot in the door. Go in and say, “I’m willing to start out as a receptionist,” or, “Oh, I heard the cardiology department was needing a front office person.” And they know you’re taking a medical coding course, I guarantee you, they will start using you to do stuff to help them. And get stuff ready for the coding department. One of my students did that for a cardiologist, and they knew she had taken the course. And she said, “Yeah.” After working there, that terminology in there, the verbiage and stuff, she’s going to able to set for the cardiology certification because she’s half way there. She’s got that knowledge already just by working in the front desk and then pulling up to do other stuff. So, you can get a job, it may not be as a coder, but I bet they peg you. And if you’re a good employee, you show up all the time, you always have a positive attitude, they want to keep you there.

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