How To Get Medical Coding Questions Answered – Video

Laureen: These are the types of questions if you put on our discussion board, we might get to before the webinar or other people who are visiting the board might do. Just go to Community – Discussion Forum, and you just come right here, enter your Q&A webinar questions here. So, you just come in, and once you log in you can –

How To Get Medical Coding Questions Answered – Video

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Alicia:  And that’s what I’d like to do, because that means I get to show you all kinds of research on gastrostomy – whatever that thing is, I can’t seem to talk it –

Laureen:  Gastrostomy. Yeah, I know.

Alicia:  Yes, that word. [Laughs]

Laureen:  So, when you come in here and you log in or sign up, there’s this blue button “Post New Thread,” you just click on it, and just like an email you give it a subject in the body of the text, and we will all see it and our many visitors of the site. And if it’s unanswered, then we will try and bring it into one of the upcoming webinars.

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