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Laureen: Q#19: Does Practicode work in ICD-9? And would this be a good practice for the certification exam?

A: Yes. Practicode does work at ICD-9 and it’s absolutely a good practice for the exam. It’s not the same as a timed mock board exam where you have multiple choice questions but it’s definitely good practice for coding, absolutely.

Q#20: What happens with Practicode if you put a wrong diagnosis code?

A: Alicia’s phone rings and she calls – no [laughs]. You basically get, just given a score, like when we did the one and we didn’t put any answers in it, it told us we had poor coding for that case.

Good Practice in the Medical Coding Exam | Practicode– Video

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But it’ll give you the correct answer and the rationale, and then you move on and you do the next one and you just keep going. You learn from doing that.

A lot of people are afraid to first start because they don’t want to be judged and they don’t want that score but it’s really between you and the computer. Unless you say, “Hey, Laureen or Alicia, could you go in and look at some of the cases I coded?” We have that ability if you want us to and that’s why we’re bundling it into our medical billing and coding course so that we can give assignments to our students and go in and see how well they coded 10 cases in a particular specialty.

Q#21: This is great… please more E/M practice in the future.

A: Actually, I had one that I worked a couple of hours on tonight. I’m trying to make it so that it’s more visual and you’re able to see how we’re arriving at the E/M level so we will do more of that. Ruth suggested this as well and she picked a good case but I couldn’t quite get it to work well.

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