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Laureen: HCC Course – You kind of talked about this a little bit, but if you want to share, we’re getting a lot of buzz in the chat about HCC people who are long time HCC coders, like, “Yey! Finally, some respect!” and a lot of new people are like, “What is that?!”

Alicia: Yeah. I have to tell you that our local chapter when I mentioned it, when I spoke it at the local chapter and of course spills, I regurgitate HCC all the time because it’s what I like to do, and so I’m always commenting on it. I had several people come up to me afterwards and say, “Oh! Nobody talks about HCC and I’m an HCC coder and I love what I do.” That was three or four. Then, the next time that I spoke, they actually had other people that didn’t get to come up and talked to me, so HCC coders are really getting networked now and it’s growing, not only in the past. Maybe you worked a lot of remote stuff, but facilities are hiring HCC coders, they’re doing their own departments because it’s all about Medicare and they need to collect, project. So, if your facility takes Medicare which you know they do, then they’re going to end up probably having their own department. So, it’s a good area to be in.

I mentioned before that our course, a majority of what our course is about is the behind-the scenes: why you do what you do, what are the MACs, how are they audited, who’s responsible for this? Which is the behind-the-scenes stuff that you aren’t usually taught. And then, in turn, we show you how to abstract, also give you a lot of insight on the disease processes and treatments for the disease processes because the more you know that, the more you know medications and treatments as well as signs and symptoms, that makes you a better HCC coder. So, it’s very exciting. If you like diagnosis coding, then this is absolutely the way for you to go, it’s really good for clinicians because they’re already in that world, aren’t they? Again, this is a fun area to be in.

Laureen: By the way, guys, a couple of you were talking about wanting presentations for your chapters, CCO offers FREE remote presentations, so very similar to what you’re experiencing with this. Alicia and I volunteer a time to go ahead and present to chapters all over the country but remotely, so we didn’t have to fly and do all of that. We have four or five chapters take advantage of that in January and February we’re scheduled now.

HCC Medical Coding Risk Adjustment Training

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I’ve got one for March and one for April, so our dance card is filling up fast, but Alicia can present on what is HCC coding and go in-depth for that.I’ve been doing the CPT update, the modifiers presentation, my E/M presentation; so if you’re interested in that, reach out to us. You can email the Help Desk or have your chapter officer reach out to me and we can set it up as long as it fits in our schedule, it’s pretty good. And the reason we do it is because we want to get the CCO name out there but we don’t charge and we don’t advertise the whole time that we’re talking. It’s just, this is who we are, if you’re interested, come to our site.

Alicia: And it’s not easy as Laureen and I know and many of you know to find a speaker for your chapter events, and this way, again, if it fits into our schedule, we’re somewhat flexible. It’s a great way to have a guest speaker.

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