How to Get Medical Coding CEU — Video

Also related to CEUs, did you know that our Medical Terminology & Anatomy Course is worth 40 CEUs, obviously you don’t need that much in a year; but that’s the maximum that they approve anything for. That is a great way, if you need a refresher for ICD-10. The recommending coders get a good Medical Terminology & Anatomy refresher because ICD-10 is very heavy in anatomy compared to ICD-9.

Our ICD-10 Review Blitz Packages, you get the video. If you’ve already purchased the Blitz video and you didn’t get the one with the CEU and you want it, go ahead and email helpdesk and Sylvia will give you a link to upgrade, to the one where you’ll take the quiz. Actually, it’s not a quiz; it’s 150 questions of the test to get those CEUs.

How to Get Medical Coding CEU – Video

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Then, the CEU Classes (On Demand) that I just showed you they vary from one CEU up to three, so if you want one-stop shopping, come to

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How to Get Medical Coding CEU

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  1. Thanks for sharing it is a job for healthcare it where we no need to deal with patients and interaction with public their important job is to handle claims for insurance provides maximum reimbursement and fewer denials.constantly we can monitor our code.


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