ICD 10 CM Proficiency FAQ – Medical Coding Proficiency – Video

ICD-10-CM Proficiency FAQs –The deadline is 12/31/2015 to become proficient. A lot of people think they have more time that is not true; so be informed. “Is it true we have one year to take the proficiency exam after ICD-10 goes into effect?” No. That was true before, but the AAPC made a cutoff date and it’s the end of this calendar year. If you are certified now, you need to get your proficiency by the end of this year. Once January rolls around, then it’s going to be ICD-10 on the CPC exam and you will not need to get the proficiency.

ICD 10 CM Proficiency FAQ – Medical Coding Proficiency – Video

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Boyd: And what happens if you don’t?

Laureen: You lose your credential.

Alicia: That’s what the AAPC stated, yeah, that you lose your credential. It’s core credentials, though, guys; if you have only a specialty credential, like, cardiology or something like that, then no.

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