ICD 10 Course for CEU’s – Video

Laureen: Q-10: When will we hear about ICD 10 course, hopefully by April; I need CEU due then.

A: I think they’re talking about how soon will be approved for CEUs, so the last class is going to be recorded toward the end of January, right?

Alicia:  Yeah it will.

Laureen:  Yes. So, I would say February, March is when we will be submitting it for approval; although, quite honestly, when it’s halfway done we might be able to submit it because the max CEUs we can get anyways is 40 CEUs.

Alicia:  Right.

ICD 10 Course for CEU’s – Video

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Laureen:  So, we’ll keep that in mind.

Alicia:  And I suspect it, it will 40, guys, because of comparison with the other things that Laureen has been able to have approved. But, they want everything to be done, or they want to see everything in that you’re offering, and you know we offer so much, really like to spice up our classes, our courses.

Boyd:  There was also a question about whether it’s going to be available on DVD. I’m guessing not, because it’s going to be a lot of DVDs if that was the case, correct?

Laureen:  And Boyd is like, “And since no one’s asked me to do that, I’m pretty sure it’s not coming.”

Boyd:  Because it would be really expensive.

Laureen:  Yeah. It’s just prohibitive to turn everything we do into DVDs, and nowadays with the high bandwidth that everyone has, it just doesn’t make sense to make everything DVDs. So, but…

Boyd:    You can actually download these, put them on the USB drive. In most TVs now that you have, you can plug them in the back and you can actually play them, on a newer TV obviously; or even put them on a media player in your house, you can also play them different ways rather than just DVD.

Alicia:    And with the way technology is going it won’t be long it will be a hologram, Laureen and I doing these webinars.[Laughs]

Laureen:  Hologram, oh!

Boyd:    You have an avatar and you’ll be able to –

Alicia:    Yeah, I was thinking of Obi-Wan Kenobi, you know.  [Laughs]

Laureen:  Alright.

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