ICD 10 Training | Limited Time Discount – Video

I want to spend a little bit more time on this slide because this is some of the new stuff, and had some questions on our Facebook group, so I wanted to clarify it.

The ICD-10-CM Mini Course that we’ve had for awhile is just that, it’s just a mini course it’s not a full course like our Physician-Based Coding Course or Facility Based-Coding Course. I would say it’s about half as far as how long it takes to get through it, so I call it a 40-hour equivalent course. We’re using the Carol Buck’s “Step-by-Step Medical Coding” book for that, so a lot of people already have that book so we just go over the chapters that she’s devoted to ICD-10. It’s really designed for people that are very proficient at ICD-9 coding; they just need that bridge to be able to be proficient for the AAPC proficiency assessment and for real world coding.

ICD 10 Training | Limited Time Discount – Video

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The second one that we’re very excited about is our ICD-10-CM Full Course, it’s currently on special. This is an 80-hour equivalent course, it is a full course, and this one is going to be taught live. This is our first time doing it rather than prerecording the lectures. Alicia is going to be teaching this live every Tuesday and Friday night starting November 5th, is that right Alicia?

Alicia: Yes, I think it was November 5th.

Laureen: Yes. So, we are looking for the first 20 people that want to get in on that. It’s a $300 off to be in that live class, and it’s really great because when it’s a live class it really keeps you on track to finish. Sometimes, the only disadvantage, what I could say about it is that we get to go at our own pace. It’s the biggest advantage, but it’s also the biggest disadvantage because we tend to – life starts to interfere, and then our coaches have to really coach you online to keep you on track. But with the live one, you got to show up for class, you’re going to be doing homework, it’s due by the next class. That will go in a nice fast pace, and before you know it, it will be over; but it’s a very thorough, lots of exercises on every single organ system that’s covered in ICD-10. We’re very excited about it. It’s using a text, and I looked at, evaluated about 6 to 7 different textbooks and I really, really like this one. It’s called the Worktext and its “Understanding ICD-10-CM” and there’s even chapter on PCS which we will be having a course on that toward the – I would say the middle of next year. We’re focusing on CM but with the PCS extension that will be basically be, what [you] will now finally be able to say, “Yes, we do have courses that prepare you for the CCS,” so we’re very excited about this.

Once the live class is done, or maybe even towards the middle, we will be making those classes, those recorded classes available for those that want to take the course, our traditional way which is recorded format, go with your own pace.

The third bullet is talking about our ICD-10-CM Practice Exams. We have a free one that we haven’t officially announced yet, but I know of, maybe we have on some social media channel. There’s no cost for this, and this is a perfect prep for the ICD-10 AAPC proficiency. It is go./free-ICD-10-CM-online-practice-exam.

and just like our normal freebies just give us your name and email, and we will get that out to you. And thanks for the CCO team that helped put that together, and the project manager for that was Ruth Sheets, so thank you Ruth. She’s excellent at helping put together these mock exams; I’m very appreciative of her. And we do have a paid one, if the one free one isn’t enough practice for you, then we have another Paid 50 Question Exam, it’s only $29.95; very comfortable for what everybody else is offering out there.

The fourth bullet point is our new relationship with Practicode. I’m going to talk about that on the next slide, but we have lots of ICD-10 practice cases in there for you to code as well, if you want more case practice versus kind of multiple choice question.

So, that’s our ICD-10 Prep CCO Style; and if you have any questions about that, ask in our Facebook group, on our discussion board, to helpdesk@, and we will get your questions answered.

and anyone who’s been on Alicia’s weekly student call, this time on Thursdays that when we don’t have the Q&A webinar, it’s…How many people you’ve been getting, about 12 or so?

Alicia: Yeah, 10-12 averaging here lately.

Laureen: Yes, definitely another bonus that we offer that you don’t get from other online schools is you actually get access to your instructor and fellow classmates live, and they have a lot of fun. So, on this course it’s going to be with that style with Alicia leading the class as if you’re sitting down in a physical classroom, you just be at your home, logged in to the webinar just like you are now. You will actually get to see her pretty face, and if you’re interested you can show yours too, you don’t have to, but that will be nice.

This is the special, it expires November 5th, so definitely jump on that and get this great course for only $697.

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