ICD 10 Online Training with CCO – Video

This slide is to talk about the ICD-10 offerings that CCO has. Alicia, you want to explain what we have?

Alicia: Sure, absolutely. We’ll, as you know, I went down to Tampa and we did an ICD-10-CM Blitz, a two-day Blitz recording – fantastic, lots of fun – that’s going to help you prepare for the proficiency exam, but it also is a 16-hour equivalent course. If you just need a little transition, be familiar with ICD-10 online training and don’t need a full course, it’s perfect for you.

ICD 10 Online Training with CCO – Video

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Now, in addition though we do have an ICD-10-CM Full Course. It’s an 80-hour equivalent course. It’s using the Understanding ICD-10-CM by Cengage. The author is Bowie, if you were interested in that. It’s a very in-depth, lots of practice, lots of details about the guidelines. Also, because it’s a full course, there’s now a payment plan for that.

Then, we have several ICD-10-CM Practice Exams. We have one that’s free for 25 questions and a paid version for $29.95. So, if you want to see how you’re doing, go get the free version. See how you do. If you’re struggling, then go get the Blitz. If you just are really out there, get the full

course and we can help you with that.

Laureen: And the full course is really good for those that are going after the inpatient credentials because that really goes into the detail you need. The ICD-10-CM Blitz uses the same book, but there’s not homework per se, but you use the books, you could use it as a reference and do a few exercises. Both are very good.

Another FYI, we are working on an additional 25-question practice exams, so for those who have already done the other two and want more practice that should be released in the next couple of weeks here.

Alicia:   We also have ICD-10-PCS, if you guys are interested in that. Same textbook, you on l have to buy one book.

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