ICD-10 Preparation Courses | ICD-10 Full Course – Video

This slide is just to let you know ICD-10 Preparation Courses that we’ve got it covered in many different ways. If you just need a mini course to bridge your knowledge, if you’re very proficient at ICD-9 coding, then the Mini Course is probably for you. It’s about a 40 hour equivalent. We use the Carol Buck’s Step-by-Step Medical Coding book. So, some people already have that, saves them some money there.

ICD-10 Preparation Courses – Video

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Then we’ve got the ICD-10 Full Course which is taught by Alicia who loves her ICD coding. We call it a full course because it’s an 80-hour equivalent type course. It’s using the textbook, Understanding ICD-10-CM by Bowie. Those two are good. Then we’ve got some Practice Exams for you. We got a free one and a paid one, so we’ve got you covered for your ICD-10 training if you are still waiting to do that.

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