ICD 10 Training | Bloopers

ICD 10 Training | Bloopers

Our CCO Webinar and Youtube Guru Boyd Staszewski shares his fumbles recording a recent promotion for “ICD 10 Training.”

Say that 4 times fast and see what happens on the 5th :)

YouTube video

Well by now you have probably heard that we are coming out with a new ICD-10 CM Training Course here at CodingCertification.Org.

The fact is, we have 4 top notch ICD-10 CM training programs.

All the way from those who want a quick “touch” of ICD 10 coding practice, all the way to those needing a full 80 hour course.

Here’s the link for the full 80 Hour Course:

ICD-10-CM FULL-Course


and here are the links to the other ICD 10 Training Programs.

ICD-10-CM Mini-Course

ICD-10-CM Mini-Course (two-pay)

ICD-10-CM Practice Exam (Online)

Free ICD-10-CM Online Practice Exam- FREE

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