Medical Billing and Coding Career — 5 Ways to Stay Current

Medical Billing and Coding Career - 4 Ways to Stay CurrentStaying up-to-date in the medical coding and billing industry is absolutely critical if you want to have a successful career—whether you’re working at home or in a facility. Even after you’ve completed your training, you’ll need to make sure you’re up on the latest industry standards and current code systems. In order to stay curent in your medical billing and coding career and remain marketable, you must keep your skills sharp and your head in the game.

Here are 5 ways to stay up-to-date with the current industry trends and requirements in your medical billing and coding career:

How To Keep Your Medical Billing and Coding Career Current:

#1. Get trained in the ICD-10 coding system

The United States has been using the ICD-9 coding system since 1979. However, as of October 1, 2015, our nation has transitioned to the ICD-10 coding system, an increase from 17,000 to over 155,000 codes!

In order to keep your career current and find future work, you will need to make sure you know ICD-10 medical coding and billing. Courses such as CCO’s ICD 10 online training programs are trusted by leading healthcare employers and will give you all the tools you need to be successful with this new, colossal coding system.


#2. Earn industry credentials

Use your billing and coding training as a building block for other roles and certifications. With a year or two of billing and coding experience, you can earn additional industry credentials that increase your knowledge, opportunities, and earning potential.


#3. Stay on top of industry news

Do your best to be an informed professional. Read everything you can get your hands on about industry trends and changes, subscribe to any available newsletters, and attend local gatherings of peers. Doing so will lead you to the next tip:

Source: 4 Ways to Increase your Hireability as a Medical Coder and Biller

#4. Network–and not just online

While you should definitely play an an active role on online industry boards and keep in touch via social media, there’s no substitute for face-to-face meetings. The more people who know and respect your skills, the higher the chances someone will remember your face and name and recommend you when there’s a position up for grabs.

Source: 4 Ways to Increase your Hireability as a Medical Coder and Biller

#5. Don’t miss out on any conferences and workshops

Taking continuing education courses and attending conferences and workshops can be effective ways to stay up to date, and they also provide you with a strong network of other professional colleagues.

Medical Billing and Coding Career Advice: Practicode and Certification [Video]
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Are You Staying Up-to-Date?

Medical billing and coding is a constantly evolving field—which is leading to more and more career opportunities for well-trained medical professionals. Having the right medical coding training can make a big difference when you’re looking for your first job, and even after you’ve been employed. With this advice and some hard work, you too can have a successful career as a medical coder and biller!

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