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Q #3B: What’s the difference in our billing course and the AAPC’s?

A: Well, for one, we have Dawn, and she’s vibrant and exciting to listen to and very knowledgeable, and she’s your personal instructor and coach for our billing course. It makes a big difference when you enjoy listening to your coach.

Q #3C: How much can you expect to make?

A: Billers probably don’t make as much as coders, but billers have a lot easier time finding a job than coders. They have a little bit more of a turnover rate and a lot of coders start out in billing.

Q #3D: Do you need to know coding?

A: Yes, you need to know a little bit of coding and our medical billing course does cover coding. However, you don’t have to be an expert because you’re not coding as a biller, you’re just making sure the codes are in the right place, and when you get rejections that you can figure out why it’s being rejected. You always have the backup of your coder, but you can usually figure it out yourself, why something has been sent back to you that they’re not going to pay it. And a lot of times if it’s not a typo error, then it’s going to be something to do with the coding; maybe sequencing or they just don’t like that code.

Medical Billing and Coding Course – AAPC Course – Video

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All insurance companies are different. You get to know them personally what Blue Cross Blue Shield of your state might like and what Medicare likes may not be, what United Healthcare wants. So, it’s different than coding, but it is like being a sister – sister with coding. So, it’s billers and coders together, I would say.

Let’s see, was that all the questions there? And there’s a big demand for billers – big Demand. You can be a remote biller and do very well. As far as the pay scale, though, I couldn’t tell you-

It varies across the country. So, on the East Coast you probably going to make more than you will on the Central area; but if you get in with the remote company, then they’re more competitive. So, a lot easier finding a remote job as a biller than it is a coder, as well; but, billing again, easier to find a job.

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