Medical Billing and Coding Courses Online – Understanding ICD -10

I just graduated a medical coding course only to be faced with an ICD-10 delay and an AHIMA CCS exam suspension. So now what? Should I just take the AAPC CPC exams in ICD-9 & 10? I want to be ready when the USA finally joins the rest of the world in using ICD-10. So many groups and individuals such as myself preparing for the future in medical coding were told would be coming soon are left disappointed and wondering what to do next?

Medical Billing and Coding Courses Online – Understanding ICD -10

Many of us have spent so much time, resources and money to prepare for the implementation. Even a newbie such as myself can see the urgent need for a bigger more specific code set that can be expanded and maintained according to the current needs in healthcare to improve future patient care by collecting relevant data to support that. With a better more accurate code set caregivers can reflect true services to the patient that can in turn generate the proper revenue reimbursement with fewer denials.

We don’t have a choice as to when or even if ICD-10 is implemented. I know I want to learn all I can during this delay to be completely ready for whatever happens in medical coding. In this field knowing more than you need to doesn’t hurt and it can only make you a better coder.

We should use the delay to practice what we have learned and dual code looking for documentation errors. ICD-10 needs more details for a coder to code properly without having to query the Doctor for clarification.

I am going to pass the AAPC CPC and then take CCO’s medical coding course during the delay to really understand ICD-10 coding because I will be ready to code using ICD-10 when October 1, 2015 arrives!

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