Medical Coder Jobs | Coding from Home Practicode – Video

We put this slide up last month with Practicode. Just to give a few words about it, we do have a separate webinar that was recorded that you can watch, but Practicode is a new software program developed by the folks at Aviacode, and Aviacode has contract coding. They hire coders that work remotely from their home to code cases. They hire people on a per-chart basis or a salary basis; it depends on what you’re looking for and what they need. And they developed this software called Practicode to actually have their coders do their work on, it has a different name, I think it’s Procoder.

Medical Coder Jobs | Coding from Home Practicode – Video

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But the Practicode version of Procoder doesn’t have all the bells and whistle but it’s designed for you to use real world cases that are redacted (there’s no patient info) that you can practice coding and get a proficiency score. It’s really a great product, check it out; go to our website, we’ve got a link for Practicode. And I’m really appreciative to the viewers, I think about 37 people have signed up so far since last month. I appreciate their helping us work out some of our procedural things getting people enrolled. Now, things are going pretty smoothly, and we hope that you enjoy that interface. They’re very nice; it gives a very, very deep discount to offer to our students.

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