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We have a fantastic guest tonight, it’s Ariane. Are you there? I love the picture of you and the pumpkins.

Ariane: I am here.

Alicia: That’s you, I like the pumpkins. And you passed your exam in July. So, has the excitement worn off, or are you still so excited about it?

Ariane: I’m still so excited about it because it was such a hard road for me to get there. Every day I’m just so appreciative that I passed that monster.

Alicia: And that looks like tackling the mountains, isn’t it? What did you do to get ready for the exam?

Ariane: Well, I took a medical coding course and I finished it actually in November of last year. I didn’t sign up for the CPC until July, and the only reason I waited so long was because I was a bit hesitant about jumping right into it because I’d heard horror stories about it. So, I took my time, I did some reviews, I did some mock practice exams. Thank you for the free CPC practice exam, I totally took advantage of it.

Alicia: Good.

Ariane: I totally took advantage of the YouTube videos that Laureen had as well. I took advantage of those.

Boyd: You’re welcome. I’ll take credit for that, no problem.

Alicia: Yeah, I was just going to tell you, Boyd is responsible for those. He divides everything up that we do and he makes those creative videos, which are really helpful.

Medical Coder Profile Ariane Jackson – Video

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Boyd: Anybody seen my bloopers yet? I didn’t get any feedback from anybody on that. I spent the whole day messing up, so I thought – Alicia: I posted them on my Facebook page, so Ariane if you haven’t seen them yet, I’ll make sure you get a copy of his bloopers, OK? [Laughs]

Ariane: That would be great!

So, the main thing was, I took my time, I did reviews, I marked my book like crazy and literally the night before, I got a good night sleep; and when I went to take that test, believe it or not, I was as prepared as I could be. So I really was not nervous, to be honest. I was ready.

Alicia: Really? Fantastic!

Ariane:   Uh-huh!

Alicia: You think that made a difference? I mean, not being nervous like that?

Ariane: I think it totally made a difference. I’ve talked to a lot of people about it and some of them said, “Oh, I never could have waited that long. I go right into the test,” and it works for them. But for me, having that time because I was working full time, so just having the time to come home and just go over stuff and just reiterate, reiterate, reiterate; it really helped me. So when I got there I was ready. What really made me the most nervous to be honest was that the proctors kind of got everybody talking and then I started hearing people saying, “Oh, it’s like my 6th or 7th times.” I’m like, “Oh my gosh.” Then I got nervous. But I took earplugs, I put my earplugs in and it was me and that test, 5 hours and 40 minutes. I did not get up, I barely breathe, I just did it, and when I found out I passed, it was worth it.

Alicia: Times fly.

Ariane: It does fly by. Oh my gosh, please believe it; everybody who has not taken it, it flies by.

Alicia: There’s no way you feel like you’re sitting there for almost six hours. Did you use the Blitz?

Ariane: I did not because it was so funny, I was on the webinar, I’m like, “Please pick my number, please pick my number,” because I wasn’t really…We didn’t have the money for me to afford them, and I was hoping that I could get them. But you know what? The free ones I took advantage of on YouTube, and believe it or not, those things are kind of packed full of stuff.

Alicia: Yes, they are!

Ariane: What I could get, I kind of I went on my own and did the rest and then I did the practice exam and graded myself that way; and then I got the book from AAPC, the study guide, and did that. So, I really prepared myself as best I could on my budget, and it worked.

Alicia: That’s brilliant because a lot of people that is something you have to consider. I think that we do a good job of offering as many free things as we can. Of course we have Boyd chopping up sections and stuff, and you’re right, they’re really content heavy. And then we do the free exams too and you took advantage of that. Did you feel like the exam that you took, the mock exam was comparable, or easier, harder; what do you think?

Ariane: I felt that it was very comparable. I am constantly talking about Coding Certification.Org, in fact, at my recent Akron chapter meeting. I’m in Ohio, at my chapter meeting for people who hadn’t heard of it, I’m going on and on about, “Oh, my gosh! You guys should go to CodingCertification.Org, it’s fantastic! Laureen is great, Alicia is great!” I’m just like extolling the virtues, because literally without you guys there with these videos and just with these webinars, I would not have felt as prepared. I love this site. You guys are fantastic. I don’t know what I would do without you. I so look forward to the webinars now.

Alicia: And, are you on the forum?

Ariane: I’m on there, sometimes. Like me and Sylvia, like Sylvia this…!

Alicia: Yeah, good, good. It is really good to talk to you. I’m glad that you passed and I think you shared some really good pointers with everybody about being prepared, taking your time, being calm; and when you put the work in, it pays off. Good, good!

Ariane: It pays off! What I’m also going to say before you guys let me go is: number one, get a good night sleep, get a good breakfast in there. Literally, just go in there confident that you can do it and you can do it! Don’t second guess yourself. That’s my best advice.

Alicia: Good, that’s excellent advice. We really appreciate that you’re taking the time to come on the webinar. Thank you very much.

Ariane: It’s my pleasure, Alicia. It’s so good to talk to you and Boyd.

Boyd: Thanks for being with us. Where’s that pumpkin shot, by the way? Where is it from?

Ariane: That pumpkin shot is actually in Ohio, it’s on a little town outside of Ravenna, Ohio, which is kind of a country at a little farm that I go to every year and I’ll pick my pumpkin like a little kid. I love it.

Boyd: Yeah, you got that look. It kind of reminds me of someone who’s never seen snow before. [Laughs]

Ariane: I’ve got plenty of it now, I’m telling you. [Laughs]

Alicia: Thanks a lot.

Ariane: You’re welcome, bye guys.

Boyd: Bye.

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