Medical Coder Profile | Rosetta Dellatte – Video

So, Rosetta, are you on the line? I think Boyd is going to hook you up and –

Boyd: Rosetta, can you hear us?

Rosetta: OK. Hello!

Boyd: Great! How are you, first of all, and where are you tonight?

Rosetta: I’m doing great. I’m home.

Boyd: And what city?

Rosetta: Brooklyn, New York

Boyd: Great, that’s obviously in the northeast for those of us who are actually from there, once upon a time that would be me. You are a Physician Based Coding student at this moment, what part are you in the course right now?

Medical Coder Profile | Rosetta Dellatte – Video

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Rosetta: I am actually just finishing E/M. I actually did medicine before I did E/M. So I’m almost done, also starting the Blitz as well. I scheduled my test for November 9th, so now I’ll just be doing a lot of review and I still have to take the final.

Boyd: So, on a scale of 1 to 10, how are you feeling right now?

Rosetta: I feel pretty good. I must say 7 approaching 8, but I really do feel in the next couple of months with the Blitz, and I’m going to review the whole course again. I think I’ll feel pretty confident.

Boyd: Awesome. Is there anything in particular that you found so far being with Laureen and her instructors, and the education here that attracted you that make it easier for you to learn?

Rosetta: Yeah, definitely. I actually went to work in the doctor’s office for 20 years. I do like the front desk, do all the billing and coding. I’ve been wanting to get certified. I did take a course just in medical billing 15 or so years ago, but this was like a specific type of course. I wanted to get a real credential. Again, I worked for the same doctor for 20 years. He’s going to be retiring soon, and I have at least 20 years to go, so I’m thinking of the next stage of my life.

So, I had wanted to get a credential probably a year before I actually found CCO. I was just so unsure about what direction I was going. I was looking at AHIMA and the AAPC, then I found Laureen through YouTube and I was so happy that I did. She just made everything seem so much clearer because there was just like such a mystery. I called AHIMA and I just didn’t really understand the whole credentialing and what it entails to become credentialed.

So, I came across Lauren through YouTube and I just want the products that she had and the Blitz. I was originally going to go just with the Blitz, but then I thought… you know, and I read exactly what was with being a regular student. So, everything that she offered, I just felt like that was the way to go, so I’m really happy I did. I feel like it just helps make everything clearer and really to get to my goal. So, I’m really excited about that.

Boyd: Awesome. Now, you’re kind of in a unique situation, I guess, because I hear from – in the questions and the webinars and on the forums a lot of people are looking for jobs but it sounds like you’ve already got a pre-existing job and you’re now getting certified and you’re already coding. Do you have any advice for people in finding those jobs that are out there, if they just passed their CPC-I exam and are looking for that first kind of placement?

Rosetta: I don’t really know. With me, I was in a unique situation because I did work 20 years and I’m actually self-taught and I’m pretty much like a one-man-show in my office. So, my boss is out there, he has no idea what’s going on as far as the coding. He has kind of left everything off to me. Actually, with this course, I feel like just regular thing that I’ve been doing. Maybe I haven’t been doing it actually the way you should be doing, so I’ve actually learned to apply that. But, I don’t know, to find the job, you definitely need some kind of credential. That’s what I’m… I work in the same place for such a long time. I’m concerned when my boss retires, just having 20 years of experience in front desk might not be enough. Like, I feel like you really need some kind of credentials, you have something to back up your experience.

Boyd: Absolutely. Because you never know what’s going to happen in the next 20 years, so you got to be ready for it.

Rosetta: Right.

Boyd: Great! Alicia, Laureen, you want to add anything here?

Alicia: I want to say I love Rosetta’s accent.

Rosetta: Right. That’s my Brooklyn accent.

Alicia: And it’s fabulous.

Rosetta: Thank you, thank you.

Boyd: Absolutely. Thank you for –

Rosetta: I just like to add also. Since I started the Blitz, and I have two children, life is busy, I work full time. And a lot of times, somebody can’t find the time to study and I all start out a day wanting to put more time into studying. But I’ve actually been listening to the Blitz now, I have the CDs. I actually pop it in and lie in bed and watch it. Or, if I’m in my office, I’ll minimize your lectures and do other work but I’ll listen to your lectures.

And there was a day, I was in my office by myself I had a bunch of work to do. I must have listened – I don’t remember what part, which lecture; but 3 or 4 times just kept on repeating it, repeating it. I wasn’t doing the work, but I’m just listening, like you were the radio to me. I actually absorbed a lot of stuff that way. So then when I would go home and have the time to watch the lecture, I was like, Wow! It’s like listening to the radio and you get to know the words of a song. So, I just tried to apply your lectures that way; and with my busy life, that really has helped me a lot.

Laureen: I’m sure your husband loves that.

Rosetta: He loves you too. Last night I was lying in bed, I had you on my 46-inch

screen TV…

Laureen: Oh, my God.

Rosetta: He’s like, “She looks like a really nice woman.” (Laughs) My daughter would say, “Mom, can she stand?” “Yeah, she can stand.”

I really can’t say enough great things. I’m really happy with this direction that I’ve gone and I hope I pass.

Alicia: Rosetta, you’re not the first student that said that they do that with the lectures and I appreciate you mentioned that, because I think it does help to do that.

Rosetta: It does. I just discovered this like last month. I’m like, it really does help.

Laureen: Thank you so much for that. Rosetta, do you visit our discussion board at ?

Rosetta: Yes, all the time. I think I have 97.  I’m like one of the top people.

Laureen: Oh, you’re one of the [contributors].

Rosetta: Yeah.

Boyd: Look up, Alicia.

Alicia: Yeah. I see Rosetta’s posts, yeah.

Rosetta: Yeah. I was like 87 and then somebody was 88. I was like “Oh, I have to pick up something to say.” (Laughs)

Laureen: For those on the call that would like to connect with her, go look for her at That’s where we all hang out until the next webinar. So, thanks again Rosetta; we’ll talk to you soon.

Rosetta: OK. Thank you guys, thank you.

Boyd: Pam Brailey [sp] says she listens to Laureen that way too. I actually listen to Laureen for work, so a little bit different there. That was great.

Laureen: I have one friend; she listens to what’s his name, Howard Stern, at work over and over. So, now, people are listening to Laureen. I don’t which is worse. (Laughs)

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