And one thing’s really great about medical coders, which if you’re a coder you already know this, but it’s a community and everybody knows that things are changing and you’re always learning so they’re very receptive to encourage and help people find things. I’ve got some people that I guess, you call them mentors or fellow coders that are one has been a coder forever and did lots of billing and another one is a compliance office; man if I have a question about something, I send them an email and they’re great to give me good advice.

OK, so do I want to hit this answers thing, and that will get up?

Alicia: OK. I think Laureen highlights them when she’s done, or what does she do, take them out? I can’t remember.

Alicia: OK. I see Ruth there, in there.

Medical Coders | AAPC CPC Certification Exam – Video

Q #1: When will the AAPC CPC certification exam be switching to ICD-10?

A: This is the way it works for the AAPC, it’s different with AHIMA. So, you need to contact AHIMA if you’re going to get a CCS.

[Ed. Note/correction: But for the AAPC, on October 1, 2013, your proficiency exam in ICD-10 became available.] If you’re taking the CPC in 2014 you will not test in ICD-10, you will start testing in ICD-10 on January 1, 2015. All the new tests that are created for 2015 will be in ICD-10. 2014 all the tests are already created and there’s multiple versions like A-B-C-D-E-F – I don’t know how many letters, and they will remain in ICD-9 until the end of the year. [Ed. Note/correction: However, you have available to you as of, October 1, 2013, I think it’s 75-question proficiency exam which is not going to be difficult for you guys to take.] Don’t sweat it. You have questions about it, put questions in our forum and several people can give you some information about it. Laureen and I have already taken it and passed it and so have some other people, they offer it to instructors early.

Q #2: My school had me doing ICD-10 codes, how will I be able to do ICD-9 codes with the test?

A: OK. So, your education was only in ICD 10, you really need to know ICD-9 as well because ICD-9 isn’t going away for a while. Workman’s comp is going to stay in ICD-9 and you may be responsible for help cleaning up claims that were done in ICD-9, so knowing both code sets is going to be important. They’re not that different but they’re different enough that if you know ICD-9, it’s easier to do ICD-10. If you learn an ICD-10, it’s going to be more difficult to go back and learn an ICD 9 – I suspect. Because I didn’t have to do that, I don’t know. It just seems like. ICD-10 is easier than ICD-9, unfortunately. So, you need to start working in ICD-10. A lot of your new 2014 ICD-9 code book with AAPC has both sets in it. Like you’ll find the code for ICD-9 and then down at the little fine print it’ll give you a relating cross-over of ICD-10 that might be helpful to you.

Q #3: Where can I get the ICD-10 draft?

A: They’re everywhere. Unlike the CPT manuals, which have a copyright on them, the ICD-9 does not, neither is the ICD-10. You can get, the best price for your draft is probably going to be through the AAPC because they just can get it really cheap, I guess, because of the bulk that they deal with. I think it’s like $88, maybe $89 for the draft. Elsevier has a great one, and I’m sure Optum. Ingenix is now Optum, and I think they have one. There are some other publishers out there. You can go to Amazon and start looking. Now, that the 2014 has come out, you can probably get a 2013 draft pretty inexpensive, I would think, maybe.

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Alicia has been working in the medical field for over 20 years. She first learned about medical coding while working in a medical records department at a resort town hospital near where she was raised. Through the years she has held several jobs in the medical field from, CNA, EMT, Pharmacy technician and Medial Records Abstractor and Analyst. Outside of the medical field she has worked as a Real Estate agent, and owned her own on-line retail business. The medical field has always been where she felt the most comfortable. Alicia has taught medical coding, billing and medical law and ethics at a private college. She also did contract work in HCC Risk Adjustment and discovered she really enjoyed ICD work. Because she loves to learn Alicia is working towards her Masters in Health Care Administration with an emphasis on education. Having taken many online classes through the years to complete her degree she feels very comfortable with both face to face and on-line learning. Alicia will tell you that not only does she love medical coding but she has a passion for teaching it. Alicia lives in the middle of Texas with her husband who is a Pastor, five of her six children, three dogs and two cats.

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