Can’t Afford Medical Coding Books and Manuals?

Can’t afford medical coding books and manuals? Then RENT them!

Thanks for this tip goes to Brandi B. who says she rents her books and manuals to take the exam as cheaply as possible. She recommends:

I tried searching on “medical coding” and found lots of books I recommend all the time. Check it out! Thanks Brandi!

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4 thoughts on “Can’t Afford Medical Coding Books and Manuals?”

  1. Wow, that is a really good tip. I am going to keep that in mind. Maybe I should return my books and then rent instead of purchase. Then I would not have to worry about having to get the updated versions coming up. It would place less stress on me as far as time is concerned.

  2. Thanks for the tip Brandi!! I will keep that in mind!! I ended up purchasing the new coding books!! I just got them in the mail today and was surprised to see that they are spiral bound and color coded. I don’t want to take any chances in not having the books in my possession before my upcoming exam on Feb. 18th. I sure hope I pass!!


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