Medical Coding Books | The CCO Bookstore – Video

This slide is about our fairly new CCO bookstore. It’s been going very well, very smooth, and we’ve got a lot of products from the AMA, InstaCode which is primarily all ICD-10 specialty manual, so check that out; some AAPC textbooks for our enrolled students, Cengage titles, Elsevier titles. Just go to and check it out. We got some good prices there.

Medical Coding Books | The CCO Bookstore – Video

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Instacode Specialty Manual Subjects

These are the list of the titles for the InstaCode lineup. They have really done a lot of work. This has been our bestseller the last couple of weeks, of different specialties geared up. I can’t believe this time next month we will have already been into ICD-coding. We’d be past October 1, it’s finally, finally come. Huh!

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Medical Coding Books at New CCO Bookstore – Video

AAPC – Medical Coding Books

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