Do’s and Don’ts in Medical Coding Certification Exam

Medical Coding Certification Exam: Studying at WorkDo’s and Don’ts in Medical Coding Certification Exam

Although there is no clause in the terms of the medical coding certification exam which states that a person appearing for the exam must not have an active job, there are several reasons why a person should not take the test while he is continuously visiting his or her office for work. At least separate work from studying. These reasons are particularly important for those people who have a busy social life as this would not give them any time to study at home after they return from work.

First of all the greatest challenge of studying along with a full time job is the psychological drain that the applicant must go through. Medical coding does require quite a lot of concentration and a person who is constantly going through this routine daily may not be able to cope with the additional strain of studying for the medical coding certification exam. This would just result in the person not being able to perform his job very efficiently and also he may not be on the correct track with his preparation. If you have a job during the time when you are studying for your exam with a lot of concentration, a distraction in the form of a phone call or fax could disturb you which could divert your mind towards another office issue which may cost you your concentration.

Also, the work at the office may be quite unpredictable and an emergency situation could come up at the office when your medical coding certification exam is just around the corner. An example could be an internal fraud or break–in in the company premises which would require the assistance of almost all the medical coders which would mean that you would be forced to sideline your studies in order to fulfill your duties at the workplace. These situations could harm your chances for clearing the medical coding certification exam significantly and thus it is not worth it to take the risk with an ongoing job as after you have appeared in the exam you can continue with the job without any harm to your work performance.

Also, some people prefer to sleep during the day and study during the night. Such people are at a severe disadvantage if they have a job as they would not be able to stay awake till late night as they would have to wake up early during the next day. Along with that if a person does not have a job while he is preparing for the medical coding certification exam; the person will have a clear mind which will enable him to focus on his studies which could mean that he would be able to clear the exam with much lesser effort than would have been otherwise required.

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