Medical Coding Certification – ICD 10 CM Mini versus ICD 10 Full Course – Video

Laureen: Q-12: What is the difference between the mini and full courses, again? Are they both with cost?

A: Yeah, we do charge for those, we got to make a living here. Let see if I can find it on my website.

Alicia: And while she’s doing that, the basics are, the books are different, the one for the Mini is less chapters but it’s jam-packed with information. The Full is a full ICD-10 course; so someone who needs refreshers and the basics of coding ICD, those will be in there, more chapters. They both have exams with them.

Medical Coding Certification – ICD 10 CM Mini versus ICD 10 Full Course – Video

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Laureen: There’s a lot more meat to the full course and a lot more opportunity to practice your new skills, so that you’ll feel very, very comfortable flipping through an ICD-10 book in coding and understanding your guidelines. The Mini course is a bridge of existing ICD knowledge to the new system. It’s an overview, there are some exercises but it’s not as thorough, but you will be fully prepared for the ICD-10 proficiency assessment by either course. So that’s all you’re after and you want something shorter, go for the mini course. But, if you want to become very proficient at it and super comfortable with it, then go for the full course. As far as the pricing goes, the full courses are $997 and that does include your textbook, or you can do the three-payment plan like we’ve done for all of our other courses like that.

Alicia: And with both you’ll need to get the ICD-10 draft and will be the 2014 draft, or you can use a 2013, either one will be sufficient.

Laureen: And the Mini course is $297. And when people ask me which one am I telling them to do, I’m telling them to do Alicia’s, not mine, because it is more thorough, more full.

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