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Q #32: Does AHIMA require you to do CEUs to remain certified as well?

A: Yes, they do, and keep in mind if you get dual certification then it doesn’t always, your CEU’s don’t always cross over. A lot of times they do, but you’ll have to pay in yearly for both certifications separately, and expect to get CEUs for separate ones, not all the time. AAPC is a little more acceptable as CEUs in different educations than I think that AHIMA is.

Q #33: Do you offer a prep for ICD-10-CM?

A: Why yes, we do. Maybe you were a late comer. We went over all of our ICD-10 offerings. We have a mini course, we have a full course, and we’ve got practice exams. So, if you go to , you’ll see on the menu ICD-10 and it shows everything right there.

Q #34: Just to start getting familiar with ICD-10, is there a website that converts 9 to 10?

A. Laureen: The AAPC has one, FindACode, I think SuperCoder has something, but you need to kind of be members of them to be able to get that. Alicia and I just looked at a really nice one the other day. We can’t say anything yet, we’re signing papers and stuff, but we might be promoting something to the membership that I think you guys will really like a lot.

Medical Coding Certification Online – Video

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Alicia: The AAPC’s is free. You just have to find it on the website.

Laureen: There’s not a black and white crossover on every code. Maybe –

Alicia: That’s right.Laureen: What is that…I don’t know the percentage, but you definitely, for ICD-10, have to use the index, verifying the tabular. But to get started there is what is called GEMs files.

The GEMs files basically do forward mapping and backward mapping. So, 9 to 10 or 10 to 9, but it’s just a starting point.

Alicia: Right.

Laureen: Check it out. Go to AAPC and look under the ICD-10 area and you’ll see it.

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