Medical Coding CEU (Continuing Education)

Medical Coding CEU (Continuing Education)

Like many other careers, medical coding professionals need to stay current in their field and all medical coding and billing certifications have CEU requirements. The number of CEUs required is based on the number of certifications earned.

So, in order for medical coding professionals to maintain their hard-earned credentials, they need to keep up with their medical coding CEUs. Here, we review what you need to do for the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) as well as the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA).

AAPC Medical Coding CEU Requirements

Getting CEUs for your AAPC credentials just got a whole lot easier! How you ask? As of October 1, 2012, medical coding CEUs will now count towards both your specialty and core credentials. So, not only will you save time, but you will save money too while you earn your medical coding CEUs!

So, AAPC members who hold a CPC, CPC-H, CPC-P, CPMA, or CPCO credential (core credentials) and one or more specialty credentials can now apply earned, pre-approved specialty CEUs to their core credential CEU requirements. Here’s an overview:

  • Pre-approved specialty CEUs can be applied to one specialty and one core credential at the same time.
  • Specialty CEUs can be applied to core credentials, but core CEUs cannot be applied to specialty credentials because they are not specialty approved.
    • Any pre-approved specialty CEUs can be applied to the CPC, CPC-H, or CPC-P.
    • Specialty CEUs applied to the CPMA or CPCO must be pre-approved for both the specialty and CPMA or CPCO credentials.
    • The member is still required to meet the 24 required CEUs relative to and pre-approved for the CPMA and CPCO credentials.
  • Core CEUs cannot be applied to multiple core credentials.
  • Specialty CEUs cannot be applied to the CPPM credential.
  • Specialty CEUs cannot be used simultaneously toward another specialty credential CEU requirement.
  • There is a minimum requirement of 36 unique education hours spent for any combination of credentials held.
  • Total CEUs are due every two years and remain the same:
  • 6 CEUs for one core or specialty credential
  • 48 CEUs for two credentials (16 in specialty if one is specialty or 24 if one is CPMA or CPCO)
  • 60 CEUs for three credentials (16 in specialty if one is specialty or 24 if one is CPMA or CPCO)
  • 72 CEUs for four credentials (16 in specialty if one is specialty or 24 if one is CPMA or CPCO)
  • 80 CEUs for five or more credentials (16 in specialty if one is specialty or 24 if one is CPMA or CPCO)

Refer to our Medical Coding Credential Path Spreadsheet and Medical Coding Careers page to see a listing of all the AAPC coding credentials.

AHIMA Medical Coding CEU Requirements

Maintaining medical coding CEUs is a bit different for this group. First, they refer to maintaining CEUs as “recertification.” To review necessary medical coding education needed, see the tables below:

If you only have one credential, your medical coding CEU requirements are as follows:

CCA20 CEUs, including two mandatory annual coding self reviews*
CCS20 CEUs, including two mandatory
annual coding self reviews*

*Each annual coding self review is worth 5 Medical Coding CEUs

If you have more than one AHIMA credential, you must earn 10 additional medical coding CEUs per credential during the two-year recertification period. These CEUs may not be duplicated or used for more than one credential.

CCS and CCS-P30
RHIA with CCS and CCS-P  50
RHIA with CHPS40
RHIA with CHDA40
RHIA with CDIP40
RHIT with CCS and CCS-P40
List of CEUs required for AHIMA

 Tips to Earn Free or Low-Cost Medical Coding CEUs

There are some ways to earn free medical coding CEUs. Here are just two ideas to get you started:

  • Local Chapter Meetings/Local Events: Log in to the APPC website to find a personalized calendar of pre-approved local chapter meetings and events in your area. Earn one CEU per hour and enjoy networking with your peers.
  • CMS: The Medicare Learning Network offers 17 web-based programs. Complete the program and post test with a +70% accuracy and receive .5 to 2 CEU(s) for each. Details are on the CMS website: (click on the link to web-based training modules at the bottom of the page).
  • CCO: Earn 3 Free CEUs in the CCO Community

This is a lot to take in. We agree! So, go ahead and sign up for one of our Medical Coding CEU webinars today!

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