Medical Coding for Battery Replacement Z45.010

Q: Medical Coding for Battery Replacement – “My patient underwent battery replacement in pacemaker. Can I use code Z45.010 as a primary?”

Chandra: A: According to the version of the ICD-10 book that I have there is nothing prohibiting you from using it as a primary code. Now, what I want to know is, is there anything different in Find-A-Code? Because in here there’s no indication that it can’t be. In my opinion, it would actually oftentimes be the primary.

Alicia: Yeah because it’s an encounter for.

Chandra: That’s what they came in for.

Alicia: Yeah. Find-A-Code is great about doing all the Excludes, here’s all the notes that you would excludes, follow-up examination for medical surveillance after treatments.

Medical Coding for Battery Replacement Z45.010 – Video

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Chandra: Can we go back to the question for just a second? I want to make sure that what exactly they underwent a battery replacement in the pacemaker. My first question would be, I’m hoping this is subsequent to the battery replacement because the battery replacement would be, why would –

Alicia: Oh replacing.

Chandra: Yeah, replacing the battery. Right there.

Alicia: Oh yeah.

Chandra: Yup. We’re in the right spot then.

Alicia: Good job. You’re right. You can.

JoAnne: Find-A-Code is nice.

Alicia: I love Find-A-Code.

JoAnne: Yeah.

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Medical Coding for Battery Replacement Z45.010 - ICD 10 Coding

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