Medical Coding Jobs Best Paying Specialties — VIDEO

Laureen: Alicia, someone wanted to know, you mentioned VIR was the top 3rd medical coding specialty. Now they want to know what are number 1 and number 2 medical coding jobs?

Alicia: Oh well actually, the top 3 are cardiology, oncology and gynecology. And…

Laureen: Say it one more time?

Alicia: Oncology, cardiology, and gynecology.

Medical Coding Jobs Best Paying Specialties — VIDEO

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They were the top 3 but cardiology was number 1. Oncology was number 2 and gynecology was number 3. But if you think about those 3 you know, cardiology, again, specialize… people are scared of it. They get you know, you map out the heart and people are intimidated. But if that’s what you’re doing and you do it day in and day out, it becomes second nature.

Gynecology, because it is so many codes, not just delivery but the whole 9 months that you know, and things that happen. There’s so many. You code for the mother and you code for the baby and lots of codes to know, lots of things that can happen to pregnant women.

But the oncology is because I feel personally, is always changing. There’s always new stuff going on. But when you code for oncology, you have to remember , the diagnosis code is the easy part because either you know, you have cancer. It’s in remission or it’s not. It’s either primary or secondary and you’re done. But the CPT coding for oncology, every time the patient comes in to have their chemo treatment or even the radiation, especially their chemo treatment, that has to be… there’s an equation they have to work out on the medication. There are specialty codes for that. They get paid for that every time. It’s amazing, it’s really good stuff. But that’s the top 3.

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Medical Coding Jobs — Best Paying Specialties VIDEO

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