Medical Coding — Good Tools and Exercises to Use

Medical Coding – Use it or Lose it.

From an online viewer: What are some good tools and exercises to use to keep medical coding fresh for one that is in search of a coding job? Otherwise if you don’t use it you lose it motto comes to play. So I’m going to let Alicia give the answer on this one.

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Well like I put here… I know I keep mentioning local chapter meetings but it really is one of the best ways to network with coders.

The chapters get in touch with each other. We are in St Angelo and the Averleen chapter will send us an email and say “Hey, we are going to have a lecture with 60 CEUs, come up next Saturday… well that means if you go and you meet those people up there that just broadens your range to get a job- or say somebody is up there someone mentioned on the questions- that she is interested in cardiology coding, there may be a cardiology coder up there and you can pick her brain or become friends .
But that is probably the best way to stay on top of using your coding and staying fresh as you had said.

Get a Free Medical Coding CEU…

The “Coding Edge Magazine” when you become a member of the AAPC- immediately before you probably even get the rest of your information- you start getting this magazine and if you read that magazine you can go to the links, the links are posted, read the magazine, answer the questions that they give you, the answers are in the magazine and you get a free Medical Coding CEU for that. So that will keep you fresh. AAPC has a networking blog you can use that.

You can use the blog the CCO question and answers. (Laureen: our facebook page) I was just gonna say the facebook page and YouTube. I only discovered YouTube a couple of years ago but its so addictive. You can find anything on there. Laureen has got a bunch of videos. So little clips from this webinar will probably be up there pretty quick.

So definitely go in and look at coding certification, once you type it in on YouTube and subscribe to that then you can get a little ping every time a new video is put out thats an excellent way to stay fresh.

One of the things that our students do is I have them code scenearios and have them code a day in their life. There are some really funny codes out there, you can have some fun with these codes.

Watch the tv channels. I really like that ER show where they show the weird things that come in with things stuck in their ears and stuff- well code it, and when think something or you see something funny think: there’s a code for that!

Alright, thank you.

Medical Coding — Good Tools and Exercises to Use

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