Medical Identity Theft – Medical Billing License

Medical identity theft is fast becoming a problem in the United States. The more one shares their social security number, credit card information being kept on file, and giving out of email addresses increases the risk of medical identity fraud.  Want do the scammers want with your information? Many times it is to get prescription drugs illegally and to get reimbursements illegally.

Medical Identity Theft – Medical Billing License

What are the consequences to the average consumer of medical identity theft?  The monetary  losses can vary from paying medical bills that one did not incur to restoring insurance coverage that was dropped due to the consequences of the theft.  It is also possible to incur a drop in  credit scores as a result of the medical ID theft. Also, there is the loss of time and money in trying to resolve the issues caused by the theft.  I read the other day about social security numbers being sold on the black market for $1 each but medical record information at $50 each.

What can a consumer do to protect against medical identity theft? Keep your insurance card safe and secured. Give out your social security number only when absolutely required to do so. Check medical bills and explanation of benefit statements to make sure the procedures, tests, etc. were performed on YOU.

As a new or professional medical biller, it is important to protect the patient medical record at all times.  Keep patient information safe by securing computers, having patients give information in an area where others will not overhear it, and follow all compliance rules and regulations of your facility.


By: Dawn Moreno, PhD, CBCS, CMAA, MTC. Lives in the beautiful Southwest United States and has been an instructor for medical coding/billing for the past 7 years. Interested in quality medical billing training? Solve your problem, just visit the site Now!

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