Medicare Medical Coding | What is CCA? – Video

Q #8: Know that Medicare doesn’t recognize consultation codes, the AI modifier is used. My questions is, is it wrong for 2 physicians (one PCP, the other a specialist) to use the same code on the first day (initial visit)? I was told that it is right for learning in school, but in the real world, it’s wrong (one claim would be denied)?

A: OK. We had this question come up here recently and we did a slide on it, and I went ahead and asked my experts that I told you about. Off the top of my head, I can’t remember what they told us, but it is in the Replay Club, so you can go back there and look at it.

Medicare Medical Coding | What is CCA? – Video

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No, I think they do not pay. They don’t pay twice, Medicare; however, you would have to have exemplary documentation and you would have to… I just don’t think they do it.

If I remember it right, I was thinking that she told us that they wouldn’t; but if you wanted to try and see, then you would definitely have to have good documentation as to why and separate documentation for each, is what I would do. But it is on the Replay Club and I think it’s like two months back. I don’t think it was last month, I think it was the month before that we talked about that, and so maybe on YouTube because Boyd chops those up and puts little clips like that on YouTube.

Q #9: Do you know if the new G-code Medicare is using for visit levels for clinics follow the same rules as the levels did?

A: No, I do not. I have no idea, but I know who to ask. That would be a good question to put in the forum, and I’ll send out my little waves to my ladies that seemed to be incredibly knowledgeable on this and we’ll find out for you, but I don’t know off the top of my head. I’m sorry.

Q #10: What is CCA? Never heard of it through AAPC?

A: It’s not through the AAPC, it’s AHIMA’s entry level coding. It’s called a Certified Coding Assistant. [Ed. Note: CCA stands for Certified Coding Associate]. It’s their lowest level of coding accreditation and the CCS is next, which is Certified Coding Specialist. It’s nalph on a [Ed. Note: the correct URL for AHIMA is]. AHIMA doesn’t have as many certifications as the AAPC does, because the AAPC does specialties, as well as the more common ones.

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