NHA Certification Exam – How it Affect Home Healthcare? – Video

Q: I currently hold a certification with NHA as a Certified Billing & Coding Specialist, and working in the field. My certification exam was on ICD-9.

A: If you’re going to go with AHIMA you can stair-step up, but I don’t want to sound critical, but I’ve not heard anybody get a job as a CCA. I think if you even think you can do it, just get the CCS through AHIMA. Don’t mess around with the CCA. And again, take a mock exam, and if you do well with it, you’re already working in the coding, if your certification was in ICD-9 that’s great, but there’s still CPT in there and you need to be familiar with that. If you’re going with the AAPC and you’re going to get the CPC you really need to know your CPT. If you’re going to get a CPC you need to know your CPT because a physician-based is done on CPT for reimbursement, so it’s heavy on that.

Q #18: How is this going to affect home healthcare?

NHA Certification Exam – How it Affect Home Healthcare? – Video

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A: Well, it’s interesting that you say that. I worked in home health for a while and there are going to be some changes, but I can’t tell you what there are going to be. It’s really interesting; I haven’t done that for over five years now or six, maybe. I can’t remember how long it has been. It’s all based on Medicare with them pretty much. I didn’t do –

Boyd: Denise wanted to correct you and say, “Not true. I’m a coder from a psychiatric hospital and I’m a CCA.”

Alicia: Oh! Well, thank you. OK. Good, good. Do you think you could get the CCS? I mean if you went ahead and took it, or do you think it’s harder or what would you say? Was the CCS really hard or did you think that it was easy? I just remember when I was in school, my instructor was a CCS and she was all about AHIMA, and she said, “Don’t mess with the CCA, just get your CCS.” So I was like, OK. Did she respond?

Boyd: Not yet.

Alicia: OK. Let us know. Good to know that, though. Thank you for letting us know. It could just be that I just don’t know as many people that have AHIMA certifications as I do the AAPC and that’s a fault on my part, not on AHIMA’s or anybody else, OK?

Boyd: I’m sure everybody is thinking of like how long are these questions going for? I’m told by our crew in the background that we’ve got 25 questions before we’re done.

Alicia: Twenty-five? OK. Let’s see.

Q #19: Will there be an ICD-10 boot camp in the Delaware/Philadelphia area?

A: Yes. I think it’s already scheduled in Philadelphia. I don’t know the dates. She tells me and if these dates are okay, I say, “yes,” so I don’t know, but you can just go to the helpdesk@ and Sylvia will let you know.

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