Online Medical Coding Courses Make Certification Easy

Online medical coding courses make certification easy — More and more people are opting out for taking medical coding courses online. It’s easier on time and the wallet. No travel is required getting to and from a classroom environment and online classes are typically less expensive than traditional school tuition.

Several years ago, Barbara Chiappini enrolled in one of my classroom medical coding courses. She is excited to now see these classes offered online. Today, Barbara works for a recovery audit company as a Medical Chart Auditor where she supports billing service providers to ensure that medical record documentation is coded and documented properly. She also provides support for my current students and teaches on an as-needed basis.

I sat down with Barbara to see what she had to say about her initial medical coding education experience.

A chat with Barbara

What first prompted you to take my class?

I read an article in a newsletter; I believe it was from Medicare in 1997 or 1998, and it stated that rules were about to go into effect that would require physicians to have a certified coder on staff. With that in mind, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and get certified so I would be at the head of the pack. I researched classes and could only find week-long “boot camps” – none of which were located near me. Luckily, I found your class and you were right in my own backyard. The course was offered one night a week for 10 weeks and that better fit into my schedule and budget. Now with your online classes, it’s even easier for people to get and maintain certification.

Did you get out of it what you expected?

Yes – and much more! I had been coding and billing for many years, and like most people, I thought I knew all that I needed to. Boy was I wrong. Not only did I realize how much I didn’t know, but your teaching and test-taking methods really helped me to keep focused when it came down to taking the medical coding certification exam. Taking your course and becoming certified in medical coding propelled my career in coding to new and higher levels.

Have you continued to maintain your certification?

Yes, I still maintain my CPC (physician coding). I took another medical coding course with you for inpatient coding and went on to get my CCS.

Do you have any advice for people considering certification?

In today’s economy, selecting a career in medical coding, whether it’s for physician services or for facility services, is a promising career to choose. People are always going to get sick and medical services will always need to be coded. It’s also flexible. For instance, if you are thinking about moving across country, it’s no problem. The same set of codes is used from coast to coast, but codes and usage guidelines do change from year to year so it’s important to stay on top of those changes. Any certification you choose will require continuing education. Pick the organization that best meets your needs. If someone is looking for medical coding courses to start their coding career, I highly recommend yours. Your coding passion and knowledge is evident in your instruction, class pace, and personal attention offered to each student. And online is so convenient!

Thanks Barbara!

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