Outpatient Hospital Reimbursement Medical Coding Question – Video

Laureen: Q-51: Will Laureen add outpatient hospital reimbursement to the Blitz?

Outpatient Hospital Reimbursement Medical Coding Question – Video

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A: Yes, I do have intention of doing that, not for this live one that I’m doing this weekend, but it’s going to have to be an add-on. I don’t know how soon that’s going to be on the queue. I would probably say March, is when I would be doing that, because it’s all that kind of reimbursement stuff. What I’ve done every year since 1999, I know like the back of my hand, I can spit them out very quickly. The outpatient reimbursement stuff is not my world. I never used that information. I’ve studied it, I’ve learned it, I’ve taken the exam and passed it; but I really need to get really super comfortable to be able to do it in my Blitz format style. So, give me time, I’ll get there.

Alicia:    Yeah, you’re not the only one that wants that, so that’s good thing. She’ll do it because so many people want it.

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