PBCO and CPMA Differences – What is The Difference?

Laureen: Someone asked: what the difference is between PBCO and CPMA? One is for compliance and one is for auditing, so they’re related but they’re different. The auditing might be looking at E/M charts, surgical charts and checking them for accuracy and coming up with reports to show a practice, money at risk and money that they’ve left on the table, sort of thing. Whereas, compliance is making sure that a practice is, kind of looking at the OIG things and state regulations and medical regulations and all that kind of stuff.

PBCO and CPMA Differences  – What is the difference between PBCO and CPMA?

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Alicia: The compliance, you’re usually like a compliance officer. You’re in charge of making sure everything flows. If, for example an auditor or somebody comes up with something they’re not sure about, they go to the compliance officer and it’s their job to find the information. So you have to be very savvy about research, you have to like the research aspect of it, which we do.

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pbco and cpma Differences



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