[Length of Laceration] – “If the physician doesn’t give the length of a laceration in ER should you query him or can you use what the ER nurse documented in her flow sheet?”

A:  You chase him down the hallway and you get the information. No. [Laughs]

Physician Doesn’t Give The Length of Laceration in ER – Video

Alicia:    Don’t take it from what the nurse documented. [Laughs]

Laureen: Yeah. No, they really need to document it, or what you have to do is you have to code the lowest available in that group. So, if you’ve got five different choices in a bubble, you got to go with the shortest one. Normally, most facilities will have a policy on how they want things like that handled, how they want the physician queried, or if they just want you to use the lowest denomination, so to speak.

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