Are You Ready for ICD 10 CM Poll? – Video

Boyd: So, because our theme tonight is, are you concerned about being ready for…Well, our theme is ICD-10, our poll here is: Are you concerned about being ready for ICD-10? There are a lot of changes and some changes are big and some changes are small, correct from what I’ve learned so far. So, tell us how are you feeling about that?

Alicia: So, it would be a “yes” or “no.” Are you concerned about ICD-10?

Boyd: And the people are answering “no.”

Alicia: To the question.

Boyd: Yeah, let us know: Is it because you’re retiring or is it because…? I heard that’s an option for some people.

Are You Ready for ICD 10 CM Poll? – Video

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Alicia: That is actually a good point, because for the people that are new coders, this has been for some people that have been 20-25 years, you just don’t quit coding, if you can sit in a chair, you can code. And so, this has been a big change for several that decided, “Well, it’s time to retire,” which is absolutely great for some of the newer coders. Some of the more established ones that are staying, they become auditors and it will make room for new ones, that’s great. So, what do we got, Boyd?

Boyd: We got a lot of people almost 80% that are concerned about being ready for ICD-10, and a couple of people they’re saying that they’re not concerned because they’re prepared as a CPC; that make sense?

Alicia: Once you get into the ICD-10, it is not scary; you’re going to love it. It’s much easier I think to use than ICD-9, it’s going to be great.
Alright, let’s move on. Let’s not do this one because this is the one, did we say we we’re going to skip this one?

Boyd: Correct.

Alicia: What credential do you want?

Boyd: Yup!

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